There Any Clinical Evidence That Natural Neuropathy Treatments Work?

Many people are suffering from nerve pain or peripheral neuropathy. The peripheral nervous system has cable-like nerves connecting the central nervous system to the rest of the body. Doctors consider neuropathy hard to manage and such nerve pain can become chronic in a short time if not interrupted early.

Neuropathy patients know how painful it is to deal with nerve pain. Worse, it is difficult to look for an effective solution. Relatively, only a few treatments can address when pain comes from the nervous system itself. Some drugs taken for neuropathy can even give unexpected side effects. Hence, there is no wonder many are looking for natural treatments to ease the pain and go to neuropathy websites like to look for information about pain relief.

First of all, make sure you avoid deficiency of any nutrient as this is a contributing factor to neuropathy. For instance, do not be deficient in vitamins B6 or B12. When it comes to natural treatment for neuropathy, make sure to discuss the possibilities with your doctor before even trying them.



Marijuana aka cannabis is mostly associated with drug abuse and hence, prohibited in most countries. However, it is legal in some states and if this is your case, it may be worth trying. Five random trials of cannabis gave a result which meta-analysis suggested that one in five to six neuropathic patients who inhaled it enjoyed short-term relief. Cannabidiol, a derivative of marijuana is another option which does not make you feel high.


Neuropathy Solution

Neuropathy Solution is a new self-treatment program in an ebook that teaches how to get rid pain in the nerves for good without drugs. This revolutionary program is authored by Dr. Randall Labrum who previously suffered peripheral neuropathy and successfully treated his own illness. The program gives advice on changes that can make anyone totally free of neuropathy and be able to live a full life again. Dr. Labrum claims that the six-step program works without fail in most cases of peripheral neuropathy resulting from diabetes, old age, chemotherapy, hypertension and others. This new program can succeed to most patients regardless of their background, gender, ethnicity or age.

Be updated with neuropathy latest news at or check out reviews of Neuropathy Solution online and discuss it with your doctor if you want to try this new program.



Turmeric, a Southeast Asia native plant that belongs to the ginger family has an active ingredient called curcumin, which is said to be helpful to ease the pain from neuropathy. Some people suffering nerve pain and looking for a natural approach consider turmeric. However, there are no clinical trials and evidence that prove curcumin is effective in treating neuropathy.



Dr. David Hanscom, a board-certified orthopedic who specializes in complex spine recommended expressive writing aside from good nutrition and enough sleep. In an interview with The People’s Pharmacy, Dr. Hanscom said that pouring your feelings and thoughts by writing on paper that you can tear up afterward may work better for some people.

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