Supplements from a Clinical Perspective

Gone are the days when athletes solely ground themselves to training facilities, gyms, or training fields, with the advancement of technology and the successful founding of products and scientific experimentations, these athletes found alternatives in making themselves better in every sporting field.  

We are talking about clinical supplements; these are not those magic pills or any other instant improvement drugs. It is the results of research and development over the years, taking into consideration the necessities of every athlete in general or even the demand for a distinct sport.

To keep them lean and vigorous, these athletes sought for the right amount of amino acids in their system known as ‘protein intake.’ However, there are other ‘’extras” that these athletes must look into such as creatine.


Here are the products that are tagged as the best and highly recommended supplements for athletes. These products are also regarded as some of the best supplements out there today. Now we won’t delve into testosterone boosters or products like the best Crossfit wrist wraps in 2017 but more in the protein realm of things here. 



With 25g of protein per serving, 5.5g of BCAAs, and only 110 calories, this product is ideal during workout drills. It has ten flavors to choose from.


BSN SYNTHA – 6 (like Dynamite ISO-100)

The BSN SYNTHA-6 Like Dynamite ISO-100 also comes in a variety of flavors including Cinnamon bun, Graham Cracker, and Peanut Butter Cookie. Are you craving now? You might want to grab one now. And oh, it also has the chocolate milkshake flavor, according to many customer reviews; this choice is one of the best-tasting supplement products. Sounds good, isn’t it?



Do you love peanut butter? Well, this supplement might be perfect for you! The MTS MACHINE WHEY product boasts its Peanut Butter Fluff flavor. It caters to aspiring athletes who want little to no caloric intakes. Peanuts are one of the most calorie-dense foods out there! It’s a buttered peanut flavor supplement turned into a protein shake? Yum!

One should not just rely on these products though; an athlete should always have a knack to hit the gym and lift weights for a more favorable and faster result. Physical activities are always accompanied by the risk of injuries, so to complete your ultimate healthy experience; we offer you an accessory to alleviate the danger of an unfortunate injury from happening.

Lifting weights cause lots of injuries to athletes. Most of the time, it is the wrist that suffers the most. That’s why wrist wraps are advisable for lifting weights to help reduce injury.

Although wraps are designed for lifting heavy weights, it is also wise to have them even on taking lighter ones. Precaution is the key, and it will pay dividends to these athletes in the long run.

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