Is No Carb The Way To Go To Lose Weight?


Ketogenic diet is one where intake of carbohydrates is limited or altogether taken out. Some do ketogenic diet with a high fat diet. Others have a modified form of it, taking out bread, wheat or rice, but still maintaining fruits and vegetables. The premise of the ketogenic diet is that carbohydrates have sugar, and carbohydrates are mainly used by the body as energy for work. By taking out carbohydrates, the body has to turn to another source of fuel, and mainly that source of fuel would be fat.


Another premise of the ketogenic diet is that people don’t need carbohydrates as the body already produces enough sugar in the liver. Carbohydrates then only supplies additional sugar into the body, and an excess of it would cause a person to become fat since not all of it are being converted into energy. By the way before we go any further, if you are interested in learning a lot more about keto diets then you should check out “KetoForce – More Than Meets The Eye“, has a lot of great info there. 


Much of the weight lost from a ketogenic diet is water weight, at least initially. Many carbohydrate food holds much water such as rice and wheat. Also, every gram of glycogen holds around 3 grams of water. Taking out carbohydrates then would lead to lesser water in the body, which would initially be counted as a weight loss once water weight is reduced.


While ketogenic diet is good for fat loss, some contend that it is not practical in the long run. For one, fat is much slower to burn that sugar. Sugar is needed by the body as fuel as it burns much faster. Fat can also be a source of energy, but it burns much slower than sugar would. One result of this is that people on a low or totally carbohydrate free diet might feel fatigue much faster than those who have carbohydrates.


Some might use supplements in order to balance this and add some fuel into their diet. This is most true especially for those who are active or are into sports and fitness. One such product that can be used is KetoForce. This raises blood ketones in the body. Also an interesting by product of this is that these supplements can also help your teeth be more healthy, which is interesting. So for better teeth you can do a quick search for Dental emergencies Calgary or you can just take some of these supplements perhaps. 


While in itself KetoForce does not provide energy, what it does is that it decreases the amount of oxygen needed while working out or in sports. This would then decrease fatigue as well. Another use for this is to accelerate ketosis when starting on a ketogenic diet. It can then be used to maintain ketosis while on the diet.


A ketogenic diet can be helpful in some medical procedures such as a gastric bypass surgery done in Trinity Medical Center in Tijuana, Mexico. Such procedures require a person to go on a weight loss before surgery is made, and a ketogenic diet can help.


A ketogenic diet then can help in losing weight. Diet though is just one part of the equation, as exercise is also needed in order to maintain that weight loss. A balance of proper nutrition and exercise is the ideal. The important thing to note on a weight loss is not the weight being lost itself, but rather the amount of fat being lost. A successful diet and exercise then must achieve a healthy body, and in this the ketogenic diet can help. One of our partners can also help you in this endeavors, to find more about them you can just do a quick Google search for “Trinity Medical Tijuana Mexico” and you’ll find there services and more about the company. 

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