How Building Muscle Leads To a Better Life

If you’re into exercise, you probably heard that strength training is more effective than a cardio workout in terms of weight loss. Some studies have shown that the metabolic rate of your body increases when you do strength training.

However, this type of exercise is not appealing to many people because it leads to muscle building. And the next thing they don’t want to happen is to have a bulky body. To avoid it, they focus on cardio workout but still wondering why they lose weight slowly.

But if you believe in the benefits of strength training but don’t want to have a bulky body, here are some reasons to stay on your belief because building muscle helps in many ways.

Improves mental focus

In this era of the digital age, distraction is one of the challenges that millennials experience. It’s a serious problem to deal with because it decreases one’s productivity. Although there are many productivity methods to use, improving your mental health is better in improving focus.

According to a study by Canadian researchers, older women who engaged in muscle building once a week showed 15% improvement on their mental skills test. One of the researchers said that once is enough because women who did it were able to stick with than those who did more.

Helps control blood sugar

Increase in blood sugar is a serious problem especially for people who have a sedentary lifestyle and having poor nutrition. Mindfulness in eating is helpful but it’s boring if you’ll calculate your calorie content all the time. Instead of stressing yourself in calculating your food intake, build your muscles instead.

If your muscle increases by 10%, the insulin resistance decreases by 11% and the occurrence of prediabetes are reduced by 12%.

Builds bones

Muscle building also helps in building bones in the body. Although vitamins and minerals help in increasing the bone density in the body, developing it through exercise helps you avoid density decrease.

It’s very important especially as you get older. According to an expert, 10% of women experience osteoporosis of the hip while 2% of men have it.

Proper gear

However, it’s important to remember that building muscles can lead to serious problems if you’ll not do it properly. So, before engaging yourself to build muscle, ensure that you are using the right gears for the exercise.

One of the popular gears you can use is the wrist wraps. The wrist wraps help you to stabilize your wrist joints and to lift heavy items without adding strain to it.

There are many top-rated CrossFit wrist wraps in the market today that you can choose. When choosing, ensure that the loops and Velcro must be of very high quality.

You must also buy bodybuilding shirts because it’s created to add comfort when you do your workout. Because it’s breathable you can focus on your workout and not on the condition of your body. Check the online store now for cool bodybuilding shirts.

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